The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine prepares professionals who care for domesticated and wild animals and birds, bees, aquatic animals, and exotic animals. These professionals are also responsible for the production and safety of food products, implementing new technologies for food production, increasing productivity, caring for the health of animals, diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases, averting epidemics, ensuring the health of humans, and protecting the environment. 

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at KTMU includes the following disciplines:

  1. Fundamentals;
  2. Animal husbandry and breeding;
  3. Diseases and clinical practice;
  4. Hygiene and food safety.

Each discipline is staffed by highly-trained faculty members. 

Students graduate as veterinarians with the highest qualifications. 



The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine aims to prepare veterinarians that will protect the environment and the health of people and animals, who view the world from a scientific point of view, who are confident in their abilities, who are principled, who constantly work to better themselves, who can defend their rights and their opinion, who know the ethics and laws of their profession, and who, most importantly, love the culture and traditions of the Turkic peoples. 


We prepare professionals who know their personal abilities and priorities, share their knowledge with society, know the value of quality, not quantity, take responsibility for their societies, and continually use their scientific knowledge and experience. 

We strive to be an example of a scientific institution in Central Asia, to which people can relate with pride and respect.