Greetings from the Dean

From the moment of its founding, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University became the "heart of veterinary sciences in Central Asia", in Kyrgyzstan, and we took it upon ourselves to prepare and train the next generation of veterinarians, who have the skills and knowledge to carry out research, solve problems, communicate with people, but most importantly, who are people who love their culture and country. 

Our faculty aims to become a home of science and innovation. Our faculty members are leaders from Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. After six years of studying, including one year of language courses, our students become the next generation of scientific leaders. 

Graduates from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Our graduates work not only as veterinarians, but in the government, research institutions, and as managers and quality controllers. 

Ph.D. Professоr İsmail ŞEN