Greetings from the Dean

On behalf of the family of Faculty of Engineering at Kyrgyzstan Turkey Manas University-Engineering Faculty family, it is a great pleasure to greet you all and welcome you to our faculty. Your decision to join KTMU is only the beginning of a highly satisfying Professional career.

The Faculty of Engineering has a vast experience in different engineering departments (Computer, Environmental Electrical-Electronics, Industry and Food engineering departments) for about 23 years. Over the years; It has become a preferred faculty for international students as well as Kyrgyzstan and its region. Our Engineering Faculty; It has a good infrastructure, a good education in training the engineers of the future, and a large staff consisting of highly experienced faculty members and technical personnel. We have the potential to carry out high research and projects in different engineering fields together with other professional fields, and we are constantly improving ourselves.

Our students come from different lifestyles and bring with them high ambitions and dreams to make a difference in society. With the training we provide to the engineers of the future; we develop cultural confidence, professional competence, versatility and creativity in them to become productive citizens of the country and the world. We inspire their creative minds and help them have an international perspective, whether in education, character building, or even sports and cultural activities. we are continuously improving the curriculum to support the departments of the engineering faculty, so that our students are aware of the latest updates in this technologically evolved world.

As a well-established professional organization, we know that our responsibility does not end with the graduation, but that we help them find suitable jobs during their education. To increase their employability, we provide additional support to empower them with the latest technological knowledge. We allow them to carry out projects in different fields of engineering during their education and subsequent processes. We also continually strive to help our students pursue successful careers in a variety of industries, even in leadership positions at multinational and local companies.

The secret of our success lies in our belief that a good academic model and commitment to quality are the cornerstones of the success of higher education institutions. As a learning organization, we focus on continuous improvement - responding to community needs and making beneficial contributions to education, knowledge and society in general. Therefore, once again, I invite you to study in different engineering departments within the Faculty of Engineering of KTMU, and I invite you to be a member proud of KTMU University. This is a constantly growing family.

Mehmet KOBYA, PhD

Professor of Environmental Engineering