The Department of Radio, TV and Cinema was founded in 2000. Since its establishment, we have formed strong traditions and provided the basis for many creative projects. The first graduates finished their studies in 2004, and in total 422 students have graduated from our department. Our alumni work in different fields, and also continue their studies at postgraduate and doctorate programs.

The mission of the Department of Radio, TV and Cinema is to prepare highly-qualified, competent professionals for cinema, radio, and related industries, who meet international standards and the needs of the market, and develop scientific, technological, sociological, economic, and spiritual growth of their countries. Our faculty is represented by eminent researchers) from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, as well as famous television professionals, technical specialists, directors, operators, and filmmakers, who help our students grow into their professional roles.

• Create the optimal conditions for the education and training of future workers in the fields of cinematography, television, mass media and related fields;

• Educate cultured and intelligent citizens;

• Accustom students to creative thinking;

• Support the growth of interpersonal and intercultural relationships.

Students at the Department of Radio, TV and Cinema are preparing themselves for a professional career in a wide variety of in-demand professions, as reporters, commentators, correspondents, announcers, hosts, editors, directors, operators and film editors. They are also able to work independently as videographers, and can independently execute a project from start to finish.

The areas where students work includes different kind of organizations and entrepreneurship, producing television broadcasts, and working with mass media and similar media structures. Students also work in PR-agencies, TV, radio and internet agencies, research-institutions. Students can also complete all levels of education, from undergraduate to doctorate

Our students have won many awards at national and international film festivals for short, documentary and animated movies. The educational program is designed to meet practical and professional standards and grow competitive professionals according to the demand of modern labor market and requirements of the employers. Our students study in a unique environment designed to help them gain the skills and experience they need to gain self-confidence in their creative skills. Students can make use of radio and television studios that are fully equipped with modern technology facilities.

The Department of Radio, TV and Cinema has helped to develop a variety of international projects, has filmed informational videos and produced documentaries about the culture, traditions, lifestyle and history of Turkic countries.

Conditions for graduation from the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema: In 8 academic semesters, students must complete 140 credits in all courses, all compulsory courses in the educational program and 10 elective courses. It is also necessary to do an internship in a related field in grades 1-3-4. All courses are given in Kyrgyz and Turkish, depending on the needs of the university.

Moldoseyit Mambetakunov

Head of the Department


Our department dedicated to serve society  by training the best directors, cameramen, sound engineers, scriptwriters, animation specialists and multi-functional journalists who will successfully continue to work in the field of art and mass media in the future.

Secretary of the Department

Turdukan Kyshoobaeva

Telephone: 492762-65

Extension: 800

Office: İLEF-203