Public relations; It is a management function that carries out activities to determine, establish and maintain relations based on mutual understanding between the institution and the target audience. The aim of public relations is to gain goodwill and understanding of target groups by developing practices in line with corporate policy and objectives. For this purpose, public relations studies work to gain the trust of the public. It conducts research for the public and determines the institutional policies according to the results obtained from these researches. Activities such as corporate communication, marketing communication, corporate identity, brand studies, reputation management and crisis management are carried out by public relations departments. Determination of the mission and vision of the institution, creation of corporate communication strategies, execution of social responsibility projects and accurate analysis of the public image of the institution are among the main functions of the public relations departments.

Advertising, on the other hand, is the whole of activities carried out in order to change people's attitudes and behaviors towards any product, to adopt new attitudes and behaviors by purchasing space and time from mass media, to attract people's attention to a product, service or idea, to direct and persuade a certain thought.

The Department of PR and Advertising prepares professionals who can think creatively, use communication technology, and can meet the needs of the market. The educational program includes disciplines such as communications, public relations, advertising, management, journalism, marketing, graphics and design, and animation. The first two years, students take general courses, such as Introduction to Communications, the History of Journalism, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, Social Psychology, Introduction to Political Science, and Theories of Communication. Starting from the third year, students can take elective courses in their chosen specialty. Specialties include planning PR and advertising campaigns, writing for PR and advertising, analyzing advertising, marketing, advanced animation, and consumer behavior. Students choose their own elective courses. This includes organizing and executing events, international PR, technology presentation, corporate identity and brand management, imagery in advertising, image and reputation management, internet advertising, media planning, and more.