Satisfying the information needs of users according to the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University’s mission and vision; 

Encouraging the creation of active learning process and formation of students’ independent research skills; 

Providing support for educational and research programs according to pre-determined university objectives. Assistance in collecting, presenting, and using resources to develop research skills of the teachers, students, and university employees;

Becoming an educational center that provides information in all formats to support modern and competent knowledge corresponding to universal values and continuous procurement of updated and relevant information;

Providing information and documentation services using modern technologies in educational, research processes and dissemination of the information according to the mission of the University.

  • Providing effective use of knowledge sources.
  • Timely provision of necessary information and documents.
  • Creating more comfortable spaces for users.
  • Maintaining a high standard of user service.
  • Creating an environment for the advent of new technologies.
  • Support for professional development and staff training.
  • Creating the flexible structure.
  • Supporting educational and research activities.
  • Developing respect for intellectual freedom.
  • Fostering the productivity of work.
  • Prioritizing the users' needs.
  • Providing liaison with other organizations and information centers.
  • Monitoring the public interest.
  • Strengthening the workers’ professional and social collaboration.
  • Intensive cooperation with other Departments of the University.
  • Using a fair management approach in the workplace.
  • Working effectively in a team environment.